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Welcome to the Boston Seirenkai Self-Defense Academy!

Boston Seirenkai Self-Defense offers self-defense karate classes to the Boston community. All mature teenagers and adults, age 13 and up, are welcome to attend!

Our primary concern is the safety of all those who walk through our door. We emphasize safe practices for physical activity and work to promote a safe inner mind and emotional state. Members try to follow the Code of the Samurai, Code of Bushido, in and out of the dojo. The Codes of Bushido includes: Honor, Justice, Veracity, Courage, Loyalty, Benevolence, Politeness.

Our techniques are intended for self-defense applications and we do not have any competitive sparring or attend any competitions. We instead focus on doing our best to make sure we can remain safe and keep our loved ones safe.

Seirenkai emphasizes use of whole body dynamics to maximize power and effectiveness of our self-defense.We welcome people of all abilities and physical fitness. Everyone has the right to defend themselves, no matter what limitations they may have.

Classes include the study of

Karate basics such as punches, strikes, blocks, and kicks


Forms or prearranged self-defense sequences


Study of the self-defense in various kata


 Prearranged or free sparing (both single or multiple attackers)

Self Defense

Building a toolbox of techniques against incoming strikes, kicks, grabs, surprise attacks, attacks on the ground or confined spaces while focusing on appropriate response


Use of traditional weapons such as Bo, Jo, Sai, Tonfa and knife

Disarming of Modern Weapons

Contact us at bostonseirenkai@gmail.com or call or text at 1(617)870-4006.

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