Classes are held every Saturday from 12:00-2:00. Classes are located at Tobin Community Center in Roxbury.

Classes can consist of a mixture of 4 parts.

  1. Kihon: Learning the basics of techniques of how to properly punch, block, and kick.
  2. Goshin-justu: Working with a partner to safely practice effective self-defense.
  3. Kata: (also called forms) A traditional prearranged pattern of movements that simulate a fight.
  4. Kumite- sparring, either free sparing or prearranged.

There is free on street parking available. It can also be reached by taking the 19 or 66 bus lines. It is also accessible from Green Line at the Brigham Circle or from the Orange Line at Robury Crossing.

Please feel free to come and try out a free class, no commitment necassary.

Contact us at bostonseirenkai@gmail.comĀ or call or text at 1(617)870-4006.

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